A Death in the Vineyards

SO #9 has been having problems, for about 2 weeks now it has been limp and drooping and there had been nothing I could do to revive it- than a week ago #14 started doing the same thing- just like sudden vine death or some other weird phenomenon. Anyway after treating them with extra water, daily- which brought other vines back to life previously they were in real trouble. I gave them a healthy dose of Super Thrive with a bunch of water and some 16-12-16 fertilizer but to no avail- I have officially pronounced them dead. 



What is the most sure sign that they’re done for is the lack of any new or renewed green lower on the stock- these guys have had it and for no outwardly apparent reason. So I will replace them with 2 of the 3 extra bare-root vines I got, and Ill trim their old stocks down and try to bring them back to life in a separate pot, similar to the 4 I removed (3 of which now show new growth). I’ll document the transplant and post it shortly.