Annnnd now it’s Summer.

SO the vineyard is doing great! A ton of growth, pretty evenly across the whole yard, row 1 (North Row) is stronger, by about 25%, I have to chalk this up to its full sun and slightly better soil. But we have grapes on all vines!

You can see the evolution here- in their 2nd year fruit us present, and I’m super happy- as the book has said that it might take 3 years.  Either way you can see that from late April- to May we have the first fruit start to develop- tiny bunches of berries . After a month they’ve grown to hearty bunches- and as of just the other day they’re getting ell rounded, heavy and firm- Ill keep updating this as they grow!

And here is the vineyard as of 6/4. You can see the North row #1 (on the right) has quite a bit more volume of branches and leaves. However both rows are still producing well.