Barking up the right Vine.

SO this week I’m starting to notice the vines developing bark! i know- exciting stuff right! Actually it is, bark is essential for the vines, it is the way they fortify themselves against the coming coolness and frost that winter brings. The book says you shouldn’t use any fruit the vines may bare if there is no bark present. Well I’m a ways away from there being any fruit, but fr sure bark is a good thing to see developing. 


This is the beginnings of bark on #3. The vine went from green to a nice purple and now I’m seeing it develop this pulpy fleshy bark. The stems attached to these leaves are turning a deep purple too, a sign that summer is coming to an end and I

l’ll expect to see the leaves all change with the season and eventually fall away. This first fall will be a time of another huge root growth, so I should see the stocks fatten up and the bark cover all of the vines and canes.


Here again on #3 you see canes coming off the cordons, there are several that are strong and these are going to be producing a ton of fruit for us dow the line, they’re growing straight up through the guide wires which is perfect.