Fall is Here.

So Fall is probably my most favorite time of year. The colors, the weather and the start of the Holidays. SO too now Fall now descends on the vineyard. I am starting to see the leaves change, and an over all slow down of shoot growth as they go into a period of root establishment. This is what the book tells me anyway.

Every vine now has bark, this #7 pictured above has become the most prolific vine in the yard. It’s stalk has thickened quite a bit and its bark is really strong. This is going to fortify it during the coming cooler months and get it through the frosty night’s/mornings of January and February.

I’d now like spend a few moments highlighting some of the other things growing in the vineyard. I left as many of the existing plants/trees/shrubs in their place when I installed the vineyard. Biodiversity is a good thing for the health of the vines and now that it is fall we have some really beautiful things growing in tandem with the vines.