New Additions

After 4 days of keeping my new Bare-root vines in the garage, misting them gently with clean water 4 times a day and generally giving them the life of luxury- it was time to put them in the earth. 

I dug hole 12-14 inches deep, removed the old vines- and planted the new ones over a cone-shaped mound of fresh soil, back filled them in with more new soil and temped them down, leaving the graft union 4-5 inches above the ground. I used Nature’s Own, an organic garden soil made by Miracle Grow, and made sure they soil in their hole were at least 50% moisture- then irrigated them each with ¼ gallon of water w/ a Vitamin B1 mix.

Per Nova Vine’s instructions I covered the remaining vine all the way with loose soil, so that none of the vine is visible- I rigged up some cardboard houses to surround the vines to fill with soil so they’d stay covered. Ill remove the soil and place their housing on w/ a guide stake when the first new growth comes through the soil. I put the extra 3 vines in their own buckets and did the same with them incase they are needed, as well as putting all 4 dead vines in they’re own bucket just to see if I can resurrect them. I trimmed them and watered them with Super Thrive to see if they can sprout again. The main issue I could see is that the roots hadn’t ventured out past their original potted cone- they just didn’t set in the dirt.

Here you can see the 4 that didn’t make it- I trimmed off there dead leaves and we’ll see what they can do!