Training Begins

SO finally i took the step of cutting the tops of my vines and tying the best stems on the guide wire to start them on their journey to becoming cordons. It was heart breaking to cut the tops off- so much growth, and since its the first time I’m doing this I was taking a leap of faith that I was doing it the right way.

#3 before being topped

#3 cordons tied

They have taken well to the tying and I’m adding a tie at each joint, I noticed the  vine from the ground to just below the housing is turning a deep purple after a few days- this is the first step toward bark forming and really developing some fortification. 


#15 again

I noticed that from my 3 extra bare root vines that the one I shored up and covered under 2 inches of soil is performing much beet than the others which were covered only to the top of the stem, so next time Ill know to shore them deeper.

These 3 got less love than the 4 that went into the rows to replace the 4 that had been mis-pronounced dead- but they are a test of the virility of vitis vinifera. The one shored with 2 inched is on the far right, VERY noticeably outperforming the other 2.