Upward Mobility

After 30 days of being surrounded by soil to the tips, the new bare-root vines are ready to lose their shorings and receive permanent housing! I picked today- June 8- Forecasted to be in the 90º range as their day. All 7 have new strong shoots and are reaching toward for the heavens. #6, #16, #19 and #21 are now set up with their stakes, dippers and housing, and will be on the daily 25 minute schedule. The 3 spare vines are doing great in their individual buckets as well as 3 of the 4 that had previously been pronounced dead are showing new signs of life. I’m deciding what to do with these- perhaps put them in a trough with their own trellis in the backyard. We’ll see. 

Here are the spare 3- I learned that shoring up the vine with soil 2-3 inches above the tip was the best move, I’ll keep that in mind for the next vineyard.

the old 4- 3 of which have bud break, we’ll continue to monitor their progress.